CCC operates a fleet of multi-axel  

transporters up to 55 axles:

  • 55/44-axle transporter
  • Two 35-axle transporters
  • Two 27-axle transporters
  • 25-axle bed transporter
  • Two 21-axle transporters
  • Two 17-axle transporters
  • Fourteen 15-axle transporters
  • Ten 13-axle transporters
  • Six 11-axle transporters
  • Two 10-axle transporters
  • Eleven 9-axle transporters
  • Countless 7-axle and 5-axle combinations
  • 19 double wide dual-lane loading dollies
  • Triaxle combinations: six 13-axle transporters, two 11-axles, six 9-axles, plus 7-axles and double drop expendables to 58 feet in the well.
  • Trunnion axle combinations
  • 48 lines of scheuerle hydraulic trailer
  • Lowboys up to 150-ton capacity
  • Up to 400-ton highway transport systems
  • 50 semi-flatbed trailers: 40' - 80'
  • 55 lowbeds up to 150-ton capacity
  • 55 girder systems to 400 ton
  • More than 1,000 saddles, bolsters, risers and consumer handling equipment

Combined Advantages

Because of Contractors Combined Rigging, Erecting, Transportation and Rail services, we are a unique resource for the equipment and skills required for the movement of heavy objects and machinery. From dismantling and removal to installation, all projects are provided from a single reliable source.

We can move your cargo as a Turnkey operation.


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