Contractors Cargo Company has been transporting oversized loads and providing heavy trucking since 1933.  We were one of the pioneers of the modern-day super heavy haul as well.  Specialized transportation and  heavy hauling has become our mainstay. The Heavy haul and super heavy haul industry has grown over the years and has helped us to expand our scope of operations to be one of the truly fine companies that offers a full line of services including rigging and equipment installation services as well. As one of the premier specialized heavy haul and super-heavy engineered transportation companies in the United States, we can be trusted to deliver your precious equipment safely and on time.

Our transportation services include the engineering of specialized transport equipment and the design and fabrication of any required special hauling equipment, air-ride cushion or payload support systems. We also perform route surveys, obtain all necessary heavy haul highway and road permits We also supply all signs, barricades, night lighting, guards, escort services and utility clearances.

Contractors Cargo has transportation authority in all fifty of the United States, Canada, travel into Mexico and is active in performing complete door-to-door transportation including rail and/or sea port handling. If required, we will interface with the railroad companies on rail shipments, load, tie-down and unload rail cars on any acceptable rail siding or team track, no matter where it is located. 

We take pride in the enviable reputation that we have earned for the careful transportation of some very expensive, cumbersome and delicate freight. Prominent among our regular and longtime customers is the United States, NASA, DOE, Fluor Daniel, Bechtel, Brown & Root, Jacobs Engineering and many general contractors, manufacturers and freight forwarders.



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